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Customise your Board Tile or Wave

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Design: Tile  or Wave

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Customise Board

Click here —->Tile and Wave

About the Tile

My art work is all about getting that special warming feeling of igniting a memory, of a place, event or even more a person. Personalising homeware allows me to do this and encourage conversation and re-living those happy moments. In Malta most houses of character are adorned with brightly coloured encaustic tiles and most of us have grown with these tiles all around us.

The tile has been popular throughout the ages and dates back to the 4th century B.C when the Egyptians decorated their homes with blue tile bricks. The opportunity to personalise a home evolved and encaustic tiles became popular in Europe. These were made of multiple colours of clay, then shaped and baked together to form unique colourful patterns. This process was very expensive and with a growing middle class during the victorian times cheaper alternatives with one colour tiles to create a geometry of patterns was developed. By the mid-19th century, patterned tiles were all the rage and to this day are sought out by designers, architects and home owners all over the world.

After 300 years tiles in Malta are still being made using traditional methods by a set of skilful people. Many modern homes are incorporating the tile in their decor. Being able to share patterns from all over the world which hold a historical or emotional connection means a lot to me. If you want to match your home or recreate a childhood pattern follow the guidance on this link.


Click here —->Tile and Wave  to see some boards I have available. Email me with your board choice and customised colours you would like. Checkout my Gallery for more inspiration

Tile Option

After selecting a board, customise your charcuterie board by selecting the pattern you would like by choosing a pattern number.

Please click on this link —->  Tile Patterns  to view a larger range of possible patterns.

Or CONTACT ME with your choice or your custom pattern image.


Delivery on custom can take around 4 weeks.


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